Planning Applications in Ottershaw 

ONF Planning Application Review

As a formally designated body, the Forum Steering Committee now receive notification from Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) of all planning applications submitted in the Ottershaw Neighbourhood Area.  Responses to these are only generated in those cases deemed of significance to the area. Whilst timeframes for response do not permit eliciting the views of forum members, it is seen as essential that our communications regarding these is readily available.  The Steering Committee (SC) approved responses are therefore referenced below.
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RBC planning applications can be viewed in detail at the Runnymede Borough Council Planning Portal

SCC planning applications can be viewed in detail at the Surrey Council Planning Register

Application Number
Site Address
Development Description
Date Registered with RBC / SCC
Ottershaw Neighbourhood Forum Opinion
(Travis Perkins Site), 66 Brox Road, Ottershaw
Demolition of the existing Travis Perkin buildings and erection 9 residential units with associated parking and landscaping. Amendments to the parking for the adjoining nursery building.
Recommend Defer
64 Brox Road, Ottershaw, KT16 0HH
Prior Approval application for an extension to the existing dwellinghouse to provide an additional storey so the resultant dwellinghouse has a maximum height of 10.7 metres, under Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 (as amended) - Schedule 2, Part 1, Class AA (enlargement of a dwellinghouse by construction of additional storey)
Recommend Refuse
St Peters Hospital, Guildford Road, Chertsey, Surrey, KT16 0PZ
Condition 35 (Highway improvement) - PA - RU.17/1815 (West site) to enable up to 328 dwellings and apartments in Dev Area A to be occupied prior to completion of roundabout works through temp mitigation.
Recommend Refuse (Major Issues)
SCC Ref 2021/0126
A320 Road Guildford Road Junction, Chertsey, Surrey
Highway improvements including a new roundabout, junction, access, pedestrian/cycle connections and crossings; including landscaping and associated infrastructure and engineering works.
Approve (No Comments Submitted)
SCC Ref 2021/0185
Junction 10, A320 Guildford Road, Ottershaw
A320 Guildford Road with A319 Chobham Road, Foxhills Road, Murray/Brox Road, Ottershaw, highway improvements including a new roundabout, junctions and other associated features.
Recommend Refuse (Major Issues)
Travis Perkins Site, 66 Brox Road, Ottershaw
Full Planning Permission, Demolition of the existing Travis Perkin buildings and erection of a convenience retail shop (E(a)) with 3x1 bedroom residential flats (C3) above, parking and associated bin store.
Recommend Defer or Refuse (Minor Issues)
Brox Road Nurseries, Brox Road, Ottershaw (Ottershaw East) KT16 0LQ
Full planning permission for proposed change of use from agricultural land to publicly accessible open space to be used as Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG) on 10.42ha of land, including the demolition of an existing barn and creation of new pathways and associated landscaping. Creation of new areas of public open space (including play areas and a community orchard) relative to the adjacent site comprising an outline planning application for residential development (Use Class C3); serviced gypsy/traveller pitches (Sui Generis); GP Surgery (Use Class E), landscaping and associated development
Recommend Defer or Refuse (Major Issues)
Land to the east of Brox Road, Ottershaw KT16 0LQ (Ottershaw East)
Outline planning application for residential development (Use Class C3); serviced gypsy/traveller pitches (Sui Generis); GP Surgery (Use Class E); associated landscaping, utilities and drainage infrastructure; and associated infrastructure and enabling works including the demolition of all existing nursery buildings and glasshouses. All matters are reserved for future consideration with the exception of access to the site, to be taken from Brox Road.
Recommend Refuse
Land off Brox Road (Ottershaw East) Ottershaw Surrey
EIA Screening Opinion in respect of the proposed development of the site for new residential development, a GP Surgery, Gypsy Traveller Pitches and the provision of a SANG (Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space)
No Response
24 Brox Road Ottershaw KT16 0HL
Demolition of the existing buildings on site to provide 5 apartments, 3 x 2 bed and 2 x 1 bed with associated parking, bin storage, cycle storage, access and amenity.
Recommend Refuse