Ottershaw Neighbourhood Plan - Schedule

A high level summary of our schedule for completing our Ottershaw Neighbourhood Plan is shown below:


1.  Runnymede Borough Council Emerging Local Plan

Our Ottershaw Neighbourhood Plan will be developed alongside the RBC Emerging Local Plan.  Whilst our Neighbourhood Plan must comply with the current Local Plan it is envisaged that there will be opportunities for RBC and the Ottershaw Neighbourhood Forum to benefit from activities such as evidence gathering, analysis and policy definition.

2.  Community Engagement

 In order to make the process as open and transparent as possible and to ensure wide community involvement across Ottershaw, publicity and awareness-raising activities will be carried out throughout the process.  This will include leafletting, social media, website, posters, local press, local events and direct engagement with local community groups organisations and businesses.  Additionally, targeted surveys will help gather the wishes and views of our local Ottershaw population.


3.  Plan Preparation and Scoping

This is the preliminary work laying out the high level content and structure for the development of our Ottershaw Neighbourhood Plan.

4.  Plan Development

This phase covers the creation of our plan assimilating, analysing and presenting relevant evidence and developing our policies identified as required to support our community’s wishes and our neighbourhood area.


5.  Data Collection

Near the start of our process we will have to gather data which we can use to support our evidence base and provide a detailed view of our Ottershaw Neighbourhood Area. This will include information on things like population, environment, housing, employment, transport links and strategic context. As key themes for our neighbourhood plan emerge, more specific subject-based evidence may be compiled as a basis for formulating specific policies.  Data collection will continue through the majority of the plan development process.


6.  Resident Survey

A critical stage of the Neighbourhood Plan development process will be to conduct a survey of residents in the Ottershaw Neighbourhood Area in order to elicit their views on a wide range of topics which may impact our village.  The results from this survey will directly inform the focus areas into which the plan and its associated policies will be developed.  It is possible that further surveys will be conducted to provide additional evidence and direction on specific topic areas.


7.  Policy Definition and Development

This phase is critical to our plan and will identify and develop the policies which are at the right level of detail and reflect the requirements of our Ottershaw community and neighbourhood area.  Our neighbourhood plan policies can interpret, add detail, clarify expectations or introduce new complementary policies to those already set out in the Runnymede Local Plan, whilst having regard to the overarching National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).


8.  Referendum

When we have completed drafting our Ottershaw Neighbourhood Plan there will be a phase of approximately 10 months where our plan will be subjected to regulatory examination, consultation and revision.  At the end of this process the Runnymede Planning Authority will publish it for comment and vote by all Ottershaw residents, organisations and businesses.  Our plan will only succeed if we achieve over 50% approval.  Our target date for referendum is May 2023.


Post Referendum

Following a successful referendum our Ottershaw Neighbourhood Plan will be brought into effect as official policy.  The legal responsibility for adhering to the policies within our plan will rest with Runnymede Borough Council.


It is not currently certain what the role of our forum will be post referendum.  In the absence of a local parish council it is likely that the Ottershaw Forum will continue to exist in order to carry out a development planning and management function on behalf of the community and ultimately to consider the next iteration of our plan. 

The relationship between our Ottershaw Neighbourhood Plan and the Runnymede Council's Local Plan

Neighbourhood Plans are mainly concerned with planning policy and they must also be complementary to existing Local Plans. Runnymede’s Local Plans may also include projects to improve particular aspects of our neighbourhood.

While Local Plans lay out a vision of future development for a whole area, in our case the whole of Runnymede, the needs of individual towns and villages within that area can vary.  Neighbourhood plans are optional documents that detail further development priorities for individual communities. They are community-led and can be written by town or parish councils, or where there is no town or parish council by a specially-created neighbourhood forum.

Taking part in the writing of the Ottershaw Neighbourhood Plan will ensure you have a say in the future use of land and buildings in our neighbourhood.

The Council’s current Local Plan and those aspects particular to Ottershaw can be viewed on the 

Runnymede Borough Council website.