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Working Groups

The forum currently has a number of working groups in effect to address enduring and shorter-term issues associated with developing, communicating and promulgating our Ottershaw Neighbourhood Plan.  All of these fall under the governance of the ONF Steering Committee.

All ONF members are encouraged and welcome to express interest and get involved with these groups. You are welcome to participate in multiple groups.

Established working groups

Communications Working Group

Responsible for all publicity associated with ONF via on and off-line mediums.  Additionally, responsible for ONF plan surveys and interaction with business, community groups and landowners.

Data Working Group

Responsible for the collection and assimilation of data (evidence) required to inform the Ottershaw Neighbourhood Plan.

Design Portfolio Working Group

Responsible for collecting images of local buildings and features with the aim of establishing what is ‘attractive’ locally and what is not:

What aspects of local building design enhance the locality? What creates our village ‘feel’?

What features of the green infrastructure are most important to Ottershaw’s ‘sense of place’?

What needs to be preserved and where possible utilised to best ensure future developments are in keeping?

Website / IT Tools Working Group

Responsible for the design, implementation and management of the Ottershaw Neighbourhood Forum website and other software applications like Freedcamp, Questionpro and our e-mail system. 

Policy Working Groups

A number of separate working groups each responsible for investigating and developing specific policies required for our neighbourhood plan.  This will include e.g. housing, environment and infrastructure.

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