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Ottershaw Roundabout
A320 HIF Scheme Information  Repository


The information below and provided at their associated links represents the main body of evidence relating to the A320 Ottershaw roundabout scheme.

Items marked * have been submitted by other Ottershaw resident groups but are fully supported by ONF. All of the Ottershaw groups are in harmony with and have contributed to these views, which unless otherwise stated are being articulated by ONF as the officially constituted body, to enable our Ottershaw community to speak with one voice.

There have been numerous interventions throughout from our SCC Councillor Jonathan Hulley.  These are not documented below.

Apart from the petition, all other communications thus far have largely gone unanswered by SCC.

Numerous emails have also been sent, these are not included below.

We continue the fight - watch this space for updates!            Links to the documents will be added soon!

Feb 2024: HM Govt. Response received from Dept of Levelling Up regarding traffic analysis placing responsibility for decision onto SCC. View

Feb 2024: ONF chased the Tree Protection Order (TPO) application status with RBC. No response @ 5 March 24.

Feb 2024: SCC update provided for ONF Grievance Complaint Case Ref: SUR186398. To be reviewed by SCC early March (Stage 2).

Feb 2024:  Murray Road Residents paper identifying serious issues with planning condition compliance sent to SCC Planning Case Officers for action. View.*

Feb 2024: ONF Complaint Case Ref: SUR262955 raised in Sep closed by Director SCC Highways & Infrastructure due to evidence provided. Several issues which were not addressed are reflected in our other complaint case.

22 Jan 2024: SCC letter to Ottershaw residents notifying landscaping scheme extension to 24 Feb 24. This should have gone to all residents, yet most remain totally unaware as its distribution appears extremely limited  including those most affected in Murray Rd. Those that did receive it only got it a few days before the closing date for the consultation. Included in the Murray Rd residents paper submitted in Feb 2024. VIEW.

Jan 2024: ONF Complaint Case Ref: SUR186398 escalated to Stage 2 by SCC.

Jan 2024: ONF A320 update published in Runnymede Life magazine. View HERE.

Jan 2024: SCC quietly removed a project objective statement for protecting Ottershaw’s Veteran trees from their project website without advertising the fact. As a key project objective this should not occur. Included in the Murray Rd residents paper submitted in Feb 2024. 

Jan 2024: ONF Second part of complaint case Ref: SUR186398 submitted to SCC including an addendum to part 1 case for Veteran trees and other major issues with design and lack of a clear plan. View HERE.

Jan 2024: ONF Formal petition response received from SCC clarifying some issues but raising additional ones which required amendment of the ONF part 2 complaint case. View HERE.

Jan 2024: ONF Initial grievance/complaint case part 1 Ref: SUR186398 submitted to SCC and based upon SCC’s failure to assess trees for Veteran status initially across the whole scheme and demonstrating the failings of the unapproved and non-compliant RAVEN2 second tree assessment methodology. A fresh assessment using a third party and approved techniques is requested. View HERE.

Dec 2023: SCC Project RAVEN2 tree assessment report received. An unadvertised assessment using a non-compliant and untested method biased heavily against trees and in favour of development, interpreted incorrectly and attempting to demonstrate that our trees are not Veteran. View HERE.

Dec 2023: SCC Conduct tree assessment in Murray Rd. This was unadvertised and not confirmed to us by the project despite us asking them directly.

Dec 2023: ONF response to RBC ref TPO application pointing out roundabout planning threat and that TPO applications should be based upon amenity value which is very high for our Oak trees, Not planning threat.

Dec 2023: RBC TPO initial response received claiming trees not under planning threat and lack of resources for progressing.

Dec 2023: SCC Interim response to petition provided. This response raised more issues than it answered. View HERE.

Nov 2023: ONF TPO Application submitted to RBC for Oak trees inside the Ottershaw roundabout planning boundary in Murray Road. View HERE.

Nov 2023: ONF Traffic Analysis paper submitted to SCC stating our concerns over the validity of it given the many changes post COVID, a descoping of M25 schemes and a narrow time window created as a result of delays to the project. View HERE.

Nov 2023: ONF Traffic Analysis issues letter sent to Dept of Levelling Up outlining our main concerns regarding the viability of the SCC flawed analysis. View HERE.

Nov 2023: ONF Video published regarding the current situation.  View HERE.

Oct 2023: ONF Petition hearing at SCC Offices presided over by Cllr Bramhall. Video. The questioning by our chairman revealed more than SCC might wish regarding the tree assessment they were progressing with. View Video HERE.

Sep 2023: ONF Complaint Case Ref: SUR262955 raised with SCC regarding Compulsory Purchase/Side Road Order impacts on design and poor landscape consultation. View HERE.

July-Sep 2023: ONF Petition raised objecting to roundabout. View HERE.

July 2023: ONF Letter to SCC A320 Project regarding Veteran trees and Compulsory Purchase. View HERE.

Mar 2023: ONF Letter to Dept of Levelling Up suggesting our roundabout project is offered up as a savings measure. This was never responded to.

Feb 2023: ONF Meeting with Dr. Ben Spencer MP & our SCC/RBC councillors to discuss the many issues with roundabout design and lack of proper engagement by the project.

Feb 2023: ONF Letter to SCC A320 Project regarding issues with approved design. View HERE.

Jan 2023: SCC Planning Committee Decision notice with conditions.  View HERE.

July 2022: SCC July 2022 Planning Committee Meeting Minutes including Ottershaw roundabout PA decision. View HERE.

July 2022: SCC Planning Committee Meeting considering application.  SCC Case Officers Report. View HERE.

June 2022: Murray Road Residents design proposal submitted to SCC. The Motion Highways expert’s design was created to remove impacts to our trees and hedgerows in Murray Rd whilst not impacting the actual roundabout design itself. View HERE.*

June 2022: Murray Road Residents Arboricultural Assessment submitted to SCC. An independent assessment of the Murray Rd trees providing clear evidence that 4 of the Oaks are of Veteran status.  Not considered by SCC as evidence despite it being completely the opposite of SCCs own assessment at this time.  View HERE.*

Dec 2021: ONF Objections to Planning Application submitted to SCC . View HERE.

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