Ottershaw Neighbourhood Forum Steering Committee

Steering Committee Members

(elected on 9th November 2020 by ONF members per e-mail vote)

In accordance with the ONF constitution, the Steering Committee will be elected annually at the Forum’s AGM.

Bob Oliver                            Hannah Lane                      Mike Freshney

Brian Williams                   Jim Nichol                           Nigel Eastment       

Carl Mann                             Julie Last                            Thomas Gundacker

Malcolm Cressey (resigned from the ONF SC in August 2021)    


Chair                                                VACANT

Vice Chair                                     Carl Mann 

Treasurer                                      Bob Oliver

Meeting Secretary                   Mike Freshney

Membership Secretary          VACANT 

Working Group Coordinators

Neighbourhood Plan Coordinator                        Bob Oliver

Vision & Communications WG Coordinator    Carl Mann

IT WG Coordinator & Constitution Manager    Thomas Gundacker

Planning Application Coordinator                        Hannah Lane

Data WG Coordinator                                                  Brian Williams

Design WG Coordinator                                             Nigel Eastman