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More Opportunities to Contribute

Here are a few opportunities if you'd like to volunteer a small amount of your time:

The Communication and Engagement Working Group

needs your help with social media content (e.g. Facebook page, website blog) and community engagement (Communication Strategy). The Facebook page would require being updated on a weekly to bi-weekly basis. If you are interested or wish to know more please contact

Carl Mann (carljmann@gmail.com) or Julie Last (julielast13@gmail.com).

The Data Collection Working Group

needs your help with gathering background information about the Ottershaw Neighbourhood Area. Initially the sort of information we need to collect is related to population and property profiles, then moving on to business & community facilities. Whilst a lot of information is held on RBC and SCC websites, local knowledge is vitally important and invaluable.

If you would like to help with this process or wish to know more, please contact Brian Williams (Bw878@btinternet.com).


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