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How far have we come?

The Forum aim to develop and deliver 2 consecutive Neighbourhood Plans

Plan 1 - Aimed to complete during autumn 2023. This plan will be fully aligned with the RBC current 2030 Local Plan

Plan 2 - Aimed to complete in 2025-26. This plan will be fully aligned with the RBC emerging 2040 Local Plan

Where are we with Plan 1?

  • Community Engagement

  • Data Collection

  • Residents Surveys

  • Plan Preparation/Scoping

  • Plan Development & Policy Definition/Development

The writing of the Neighbourhood Plan is well underway! The content has been informed primarily by our community’s opinion, as well as several commissioned studies covering issues such as housing needs and development design.

We have identified and are in the final stages of developing policies which reflect the requirements of our Ottershaw community. Our neighbourhood plan policies interpret, add detail, clarify expectations and introduce new complementary policies to those already set out in the Runnymede Local Plan, whilst having regard to the overarching National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

Once the plan is complete, we will need to take it to a referendum vote – which we will need your support on when the times comes.


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